Everybody Wins!

This is a rare moment in time. Throughout the history of the US Real Estate Market there have been mainly two distinct types of market. Then, during the recession that began in 2007 a third type of market was born:


  • Buyer's Market
  • Seller's Market
  • Very Poor Market


A buyer's market exists when housing prices are "soft" and lending is easy. This means that home prices are lower than they could be, interest rates are down and lenders are looking for buyers. In this market the seller who holds out for a certain price has little chance of getting it – there are just too many homes on the market that a buyer can choose instead.

In a seller's market inventory is down. Each house sells quickly with multiple offers and often for a good bit more than the seller asked for. The buyer who really wants to get in to home ownership will need excellent credit and a willingness to negotiate aggressively to beat out other buyers.

After the housing market started to slide in 2007 foreclosures and short sales started to come on the market. But banks were cautious about lending and tightened their standards. Borrowers who once could have qualified for a mortgage found themselves declined. As housing values slipped, sellers found themselves owing more on their mortgage than their house was now worth. Interest rates went down but no one could qualify for the loan so it did not help.

Now we have a fourth type of market that is very rare. We call it the "Everybody Wins" market. How could that happen? Mostly through market correction. As home values have held steady, banks have become more willing to loan. As homes have sold, inventory has decreased. As a result of having less inventory on the market, home prices are steadily coming back up. Sellers can afford to sell their homes. Buyers can qualify for a mortgage and buy a home they don't have to bid frantically on. Lenders are loaning on homes that are holding their value.

What else do you need in a market like this? A good broker! Come to RE/MAX Flagstaff and see what a wonderful experience you will have selling or buying your home. Experience, professionalism, caring, and education come together to take you through the process to a successful outcome!



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Why list your home with RE/MAX Flagstaff?

So you are thinking of listing your home for sale. Congratulations! It’s an exciting time but it can also be stressful. You have a lot of things to do and that includes choosing the correct real estate professional to handle the listing. How do you decide who the right person is? The decision can affect how long it takes your property to sell, what price it sells for, and how easy or aggravating the experience is.

At RE/MAX Flagstaff we work with you to take the transaction to a successful conclusion. Let’s look at some of the elements you are concerned about.

How fast will my house sell? Of course, like anything, that answer has a variety of factors that affects it. Here are some and how they work. Current market trends are dictated by the amount of inventory on the market, the number of buyers actively looking, referral opportunities, curb appeal, marketing efforts and certainly price.

When we list a house for you we put it on the Multiple Listing Service which has an online feed. So your house appears on many different platforms including websites and apps which allow buyers and other real estate professionals to see the listing. We’ll take multiple pictures, write an appealing description and highlight upgrades or special features. We will feature your listing on our social media outlets. We will publish your listing in local newspapers and other print media.

The RE/MAX brand will help because if a Realtor in another state has a seller who wants to move to Florida they will refer that seller to RE/MAX offices in this state. So a buyer may come straight in from selling their out of town property, ready to buy your house!

Curb appeal also plays a part. If you are open to it, we will make suggestions that we think will increase the attractiveness of your property. It may be as simple a matter as de-cluttering or trimming some landscaping. We can even give you the names of stagers if the house is empty or you need help with some rooms. Does your house need upgrading in several areas? There may be some upgrades that give you a better return on your investment!

Price is one of the strongest factors. We will do a Comparative Market Analysis to show you what other homes in the area, similar to yours, are selling for. The pricing decision is yours but we can tell you what is the most realistic range and also what neighborhood homes have appraised for. We want to make sure you get the best price for your home. Remember, you can put any price you choose on your home, but if the bank’s appraiser disagrees financing may be difficult. Additionally, if you put too high a price on your home you will be making mortgage payments every month it does not sell.

Next, your house will be shown to buyers and we will present all qualified offers directly to you. If the buyers want to negotiate we will represent you and follow your decisions on what concessions you are willing to make.

We can assure you that buyers are coming along now that the average rate on the 30 year mortgage has fallen again!

If a contract is accepted we will be there to handle any snags that come up along the way and will be at the closing table with you when the sale closes. From beginning to end, we will be there to help, to advise, to inform and take care of the many details that are part of the home selling process!


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